Total CO2 - equivalent life-cycle emissions from commercially available passenger cars 

Johannes Buberger; Anton Kersten; Manuel Kuder; Richard Eckerle; Thomas Weyh; Torbjorn Thiringer

In: Renewable and Sustainablie Energy Reviews, Volume 159, May 2022, 112158

Year: 2022 | Journal Article


Overview of Battery Impedance Modeling including Detailed State-of-the-Art Cylindrical 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Comparisons

Julian Estaller; Anton Kersten; Manuel Kuder; Torbjorn Thiringer; Richard Eckerle; Thomas Weyh; 

In: MDPI Energies 202215(10), 3822

Year: 2022 | Journal Article


Capacitor Voltage Balancing of a Grid-Tied, Cascaded Multilevel Converter with Binary Asymmetric Voltage Levels Using an Optimal One-Step-Ahead Switching-State Combination Approach

Manuel Kuder; Anton Kersten; Jose-Luis Marques-Lopez; Julian Estaller; Johannes Buberger; Florian Schwitzgebel; Torbjorn Thiringer; Anton Lesnicar; Rainer Marquardt; Thomas Weyh; Richard Eckerle 

In: MDPI Energies 202215(2), 575

Year: 2022 | Journal Article