Welcome to the team!

11 December 2023

The QuSAC Lab is thrilled to welcome Sebastian Spindler and Thomas den Hollander as new PhD students. A warm welcome, all the best and much success in our team!


As part of the elite program TopMath, Sebastian obtained his MSc degree in Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich. In his master's thesis Sebastian studied Tate's isogeny theorem as well as isogeny-based cryptography, with particular focus on the structure of isogeny graphs; outside of cryptography he is furthermore interested in algebraic number theory and the representation theory of algebras and groups.


Thomas studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he obtained a MSc. degree in Industrial & Applied Mathematics as well as a MSc. degree in Computer Science with the special master track Information Security Technology. Aside from having a broad interest in cryptography, he is currently interested in doing research into zk-SNARKs.