Is it time to choose your field of study and you are faced with doubts and questions? Then we would be glad to welcome you to our chair and provide you information about Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management topics. Our research team with a wide range of experiences would give you the consultation about this field of study.

Gain the opportunity of availability of our researchers in semester period to arrange a meeting. We would be happy to support you for exam preparation and your thesis.

There are various possibilities for your thesis. You can also contact cooperation partners of science and technology to find an interesting and challenging topic for your thesis.

If you are studying in other universities and you are willing to do your master or bachelor thesis in the field of sanitary engineering and waste management, we encourage you to contact us for further information.

How to reach us?

You can find the contact details of the chair of Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management in the staff sector. Additionally, you can contact us to get more information about our current research areas.