Dr. Junsu Shin

Dr. Junsu Shin
Professur für Thermodynamik und Wärme-/Stoffübertragung (Prof. Pfitzner)
Gebäude 33/400, Zimmer 3457
+49 89 6004-2125

Dr. Junsu Shin

Field of work:

Data-driven Turbulent Combustion Modeling using High-fidelity DNS data


  • Employed high-fidelity combustion DNS data as learning data
  • Constructed customized neural network for the use of turbulent combustion database
  • Derived data-driven turbulent combustion modeling inspired by deep learning methods
  • Implemented inference engine into OpenFOAM
  • Interpreted trained deep learning network using model-agnostic interpretation methods

Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Junsu Shin and Hong-Gye Sung, “Zonal Hybrid Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes/Large-Eddy Simu-lation of a Hydrogen-Fueled Scramjet Combustor,” AIAA Journal, Vol.  56, No.  6, pp.  2322-2335, 2018.


  • Junsu Shin and Hong-Gye Sung, “Combustion Characteristics of Hydrogen and Cracked Kerosene in a DLR Scramjet Combustor Using Hybrid RANS/LES Method,” Aerospace  Science  and  Technology, Vol.80, pp.  433-444, 2018.


  • Junsu Shin and Hong-Gye Sung, “Comparison of Hybrid RANS/LES Methods for Supersonic Combus-tion  in  a  Model  Scramjet  Combustor,”Progress  in  Hybrid  RANS-LES  Modelling,  Notes  on  NumericalFluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, Vol.  137, 2018.


  • Juyong Lee, Junsu Shin and Hong-Gye Sung, "Assessment of Turbulence Models with Compressibility Correction for Large Flow Separation in a Supersonic Convergent-Divergent Rectangular Nozzle," Journal of Aerospace System Engineering, Vol.  12, No.  5, pp.  40-47, 2018.


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  • Doo-Hee Han, Junsu Shin and Hong-Gye Sung, “A detailed flame structure and burning velocity analysis of aluminum dust cloud combustion using the Eulerian–Lagrangian method,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol.  36, pp.  2299–2307, 2017.


  • Doo-Hee Han, Min-Kyoung Jo, Junsu Shin, Hong-Gye Sung and Su-Kyum Kim, ”Numerical Analysison Plasma Particles inside Electro-magnetic Field Using Particle-in-cell Method”, Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences, Vol.  45, pp. 932-938, 2017.


  • Doo-Hee Han, Junsu Shin, Jeong-Seok Kang, Jung-Shin Park, Sun-Sang Park, Jae-Su Kwak and Hong-Gye Sung, “Numerical and experimental studies on the mixing characteristics of two jets with inclined angles in a rectangular chamber,” Journal  of  Mechanical  Science  and  Technology, Vol.  28, No.  10, pp.4083-4090, October 2014.



  • March 2013 - August 2018: Korea Aerospace University

PhD in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Thesis title: Nonpremixed Turbulent Combustion in a Scramjet Combustor Using Zonal Hybrid RANS/LES Method

  • March 2011 - February 2013: Korea Aerospace University

ME in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Thesis title: Numerical Modeling of Aluminum Combustion in High Speed Air Flow Stream

  • March 2003 - February 2011: Korea Aerospace University

BS in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering