Humanoid Robot Hermes

The robot is introduced into a new - of course unprepared - environment, which is easy and fast. It interacts naturally and intelligently with various persons and performs services for them. Recorded: 12/2001. Duration: 13 min.

Autonomous Road Vehicle videos

Autonomous Road Following (BBC, 1987) In the mid 1980s a vision-guided autonomous road vehicle, VAMORS, was designed and operated within projects headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.D. Dickmanns and Prof. Dr. V. Graefe. Its vision system, BVV 2, was designed and built by our laboratory. The video, produced by BBC as part of their series "Tomorrow's World" explains some of the technology used in designing the vehicle and its vision system, and it shows how the vehicle runs autonomously in campus roads at 35 km/h and on a freeway at 96 km/h. In its time it was by far the fastest autonomous road vehicle in the world. Recorded: 1987. Duration: 4:46 min.