Mail Address

Prof. Dr. Volker Graefe
Intelligent Robots Laboratory
Bundeswehr University München, LRT
Werner- Heisenberg-Weg 39
D-85577 Neubiberg

E-Mail: Volker Graefe


Professional interests

  • Sensors for robots, including vision systems and imaging tactile sensors
  • System architecture and methods for behavior-based robots and real-time vision
  • Mobile robots, learning robots, calibration-free robots
  • Humanoid personal assistant robots
  • Long-term dependability of complex robotic systems
  • Bionics-based robot intelligence


Biographical Data

1956 - 1964 Universities of Göttingen, Munich, Hamburg and Kiel; studies of physics, mathematics, astrophysics and oceonography
1961 - 1965 University of Kiel, Germany; research in applied physics
1964 Doctor of Sciences degree, in physics, mathematics and oceanography (University of Kiel, Germany)
1965 - 1969 University of Hawaii, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics; research in physical oceanography
1969 - 1975 Project manager with Krupp, a major German industrial corporation; management of research and development projects in ocean engineering and computer design
Since 1975 Professor and head of the Institute of Measurement Science, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Bundeswehr University Munich
Since 2003 Head of the Intelligent Robots Laboratory, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Bundeswehr University Munich



Please see list of publications by the Intelligent Robots Laboratory .


Additional Information

  • Honorary Professor of the Changsha Institute of Technology (China; since 1993)
  • Nakamura Prize for contributions to the advancement of the technology of intelligent robots and systems over a decade (1997)
  • IAPR/MVA Prize for the most influential paper of the past decade (1998)
  • General chairman of the IEEE/RSJ/GI International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 1994, IROS '94
  • Member, Administrative Committee of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (1993-1998)
  • Member, IROS Advisory Council
  • Associate Editor of the International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR)