This module is based on case studies as a teaching and learning method under the faculty's guidance. Knowledge and skills from several bachelor's program courses are systematically applied to answer case study-based questions.

This course aims to enable students to apply methods and analytical skills from several courses to solve complex problems in different organizations, i.e., a private company, a public institution, or a non-profit organization. Students should develop their analytical and problem-solving skills by dealing with the respective organizations' realistic challenges and learn to present results convincingly.

The module requires a sound knowledge of economics and law, such as that acquired in the orientation and application phase of the bachelor's program in Economics and Management.

Information on organizational matters (on the obligatory registration in HISInOne (between 28.10 and 05.10.2020) and the procedure in HT 2020), as well as an overview of the case studies to be worked on (and supervising professorships), can be found in our Ilias group. When registering for a group, please be sure to note the fixed dates.

If you have any questions, please contact Lorenz Schönherr by email.