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Basic data: "Apparatives Praktikum Fluiddynamik", Module 1181, Master, 4th Trimester

Responsible for the module: Prof. Dr. Christian J. Kähler

Execution: Dr. Rainer Hain and others



The module "Laboratory Fluid Dynamics" enables the participants to experience a series of phenomena of fluid mechanics and the application of typical measuring methods. A total of about 8 experiments in the classical wind tunnel measurement technique and non-contact laser measurement methods are carried out in small groups (the list may vary due to recent developments).

The topics are as follows:

  • wind tunnels and their qualification
  • hot-wire measurement
  • flow around a cylinder
  • determination of lift and drag of an airfoil
  • tests on a delta wing
  • Shadow and Schlieren measurement technique
  • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • infrared thermography