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Basic data: "Einführung in moderne Simulationstechniken", Module 1225, Bachelor, 7th Trimester

Responsible for the module: Prof. Dr. Christian J. Kähler

Lecture/Exercise: Dr. Rainer Hain and others



The module "Introduction to Modern Simulation Techniques" introduces students to modern CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) applications. To this end, various software packages from engineering practice in research and industry and their possibilities for simulating practical tasks will be presented. In practice, skills are acquired that enable the student to work productively in these and similar programs. In doing so, the focus is to be sharpened for possibilities and limitations of modern simulation methods.

The course contains software from different areas, such as

  • flow solver (Ansys Fluent)
  • finite Elements (COMSOL)
  • measurement and control engineering (Labview)
  • grid oeneration and optimization (Hypermesh)
  • computer algebra systems (Matlab)

The mentioned software serves as an example and, if appropriate, is adapted to current requirements.