Single-Pixel Ensemble Correlation PIV
The analysis of flow phenomena of different scales over many orders of magnitude requires highest dynamics of spatial resolution. While with conventional window correlation about 250 independent vectors from 4,000 pixels can be determined, the single-pixel evaluation provides a significantly increased dynamic range of up to 2,000 independent vectors in one direction. This makes it possible to resolve small-scale structures and at the same time gain an overview of a larger field. Although this method does not provide information about the current state of turbulent processes, statistical variables such as mean velocity field and Reynolds stresses can be determined with high accuracy from the shape of the correlation function. The significantly improved spatial resolution compared to window correlation is of fundamental importance for the analysis of flows at high Mach and Reynolds numbers. Thus, single-pixel ensemble correlation is particularly suitable for the investigation of physical phenomena as well as for the validation of new numerical methods.
Person in charge:
  • German Research Foundation (DFG)