Aim of this project is to investigate the mixing and mass transport processes in bubble swarms taking into account the effect of bubble-induced flow turbulence. High resolution 3D-optical measurement techniques will be applied to determine the underlying physical processes, in order to verify existing mass transport models and to validate numerical simulations carried out by the project partners. The experiments will be conducted in a custom built channel designed and qualified during the first funding periode. Free moving particle grids and active turbulence grids will be used to adapt the turbulence level over a wide range of scales and intensities in order to simulate the intensity, spectral characteristics and coherence of real bubble-induced turbulence. For the experimental analysis a chemical reactive System will be investigated in cooperation with the project partners. This system allows to quantify the selectivity of the chemical reaction by means of fluorescent sensors. This makes it possible to analyze the effect of turbulence on the selectivity. This unique approach is applied to study the behavior of a single bubble or groups of bubbles in a realistic turbulent flow. In particular, bubble motion, bubble deformation, bubble vibration, mass transport into the turbulent flow, and mixing processes caused by the bubble-induced turbulence will be systematically investigated using state-of-the-art, non-intrusive 3D optical measurement techniques and the results will be analyzed and compared with the numerical flow simulation results of the project partners.
Cooperations: University of Bremen, LMU, TU Berlin, TU Dresden
Person in charge: M.Sc. Katharina Haase
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