Efficiency of mobile room air cleaners

Within the scope of the research project, the effect of turbulence on the mixing and filtering of aerosol particles in rooms of different geometry will be systematically analyzed. The spatial and temporal scales of turbulence will be varied over a large range using turbulence generators in order to quantify the mixing processes of aerosol particles and to determine their separation efficiency. It is expected that the turbulent scales and the intensity of turbulence are important parameters responsible for reducing the viral load in rooms and thus determining the filter performance. The results of these experimental analyses will provide valuable insight into how indoor airflow must be conditioned to efficiently reduce indoor viral loads.



  • N.N.


Person in charge:

  • Dr. Rainer Hain
  • Dr. Thomas Fuchs



  • German Research Foundation (DFG)



  • Kähler CJ, Hain R, Fuchs T (2023) Assessment of Mobile Air Cleaners to Reduce the Concentration of Infectious Aerosol Particles Indoors. Atmosphere 14:698