The Atmospheric Windtunnel Munich (AWM) is an Eiffel type design. The wind tunnel is open loop, i.e. the intake of the tunnel gathers air from outside and blows the air back outside from the outlet tower after passing it through a nozzle and test section.

The closed test section has a height-adjustable, flexible ceiling which is used to generate a specified pressure gradient (e.g. dp/dx = 0) along the flow direction. The test section with a length of L = 22.0 m is very suitable for the generation of fully developed thick boundary layers. The cross-section of the measuring section is approx. 4 m². The flow velocity in the test section is adjustable between 2 m/s and 45 m/s.

An electrical heater (N = 1.2 MW) in the intake duct can be used to control the temperature of the air to max. 80 °C at a flow velocity of 4.0 m/s. There is also heating and cooling for the bottom plates in the range between 0°C and 150°C to simulate neutral, stable and unstable layered atmospheric boundary layers at Richardson numbers Ri between -0.4 and +0.4 and a geometric scale of 1 to 100 to 1 to 1000.


Basic data

Design: Eiffel-type
Measurement section: Length: 22 m
Height: 1,85 m
Width: 1,85 m
Motor: Type: DC motor
Power: 350 kW
Flow: Velocity: 2 m/s < U < 45 m/s
Turbulence level: Tu < 0,5 %
Nozzle: Contraction: 9
Heating: Inlet: 1,2 MW
Bottom: heated/cooled