Study projects are an opportunity for the students to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. For this purpose, they organize in small groups and work regularly on a practically oriented topic. Using state-of-the-art presentation methods, they present their results to all participants in the project and explain their approach in a subsequent discussion. As part of the study projects, concrete practical problems are discussed, making them particularly suitable for business cooperations.


The following study projects have taken place at the Chair of Insurance and Risk Management:

  • Digitization in the insurance industry and Insurtechs; winter / spring trimester 2018
  • Elemental damages – insurability and insurance penetration; winter / spring trimester 2017
  • Digitization and big data; winter / spring trimester 2016
  • Reputation management; winter / spring trimester 2015
  • Current developments in asset management at insurance companies; winter / spring trimester 2014
  • Financial education; winter / spring trimester 2013
  • Financial education; winter / spring trimester 2012
  • Behavioural economics (with Prof. Sell); winter / spring trimester 2012
  • From the financial market to the sovereign debt crisis; winter / spring trimester 2012
  • Understanding and critique of scientific papers (with Prof. Sell); winter / spring trimester 2011
  • Financial service in the 21st century: Analysis of trends in banking, insurance and securities markets; winter / spring trimester 2010
  • Bancassurance; winter / spring trimester 2009
  • Financial market crisis and financial services; winter / spring trimester 2009
  • Analysis of Eastern European insurance markets; autumn trimester 2008, winter trimester 2009
  • Sustainability in the insurance industry; autumn trimester 2008, winter trimester 2009
  • ProRiMa – Business process risk management (with Prof. Kern); autumn trimester 2007, winter trimester 2008


The course covers the winter and spring trimester. The sessions take place as block events.