The research center risk, infrastructure, security and conflict (“Risiko, Infrastruktur, Sicherheit und Konflikt”, RISK)

The research center risk, infrastructure, security and conflict at the Bundeswehr University aims at combining and integrating the different risk and security perspectives in the social, natural and engineering sciences. The work of the research center concerns the logic of decisions under uncertainty as well as the complex interrelations between the concepts of security and freedom. The work is dedicated to the security of critical infrastructure in technical, political and social terms given natural catastrophes, international terrorism and organized crime and which additionally is in the field of tension between political guidelines, social acceptance and the economic willingness to pay. At the same time it deals with (political) (in)security constructions in national and international perspectives.


Speech at the annual symposium

How much security can the society stand?

The annual symposium discusses the question of how much security is desirable for society. Which aspects are relevant from the perspective of politicians, citizens and the economy? Which economic consequences arise from this?

At the annual symposium on October 25, 2017, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartung gave a speech on the compulsory insurance against natural hazards. In his speech, the question played a major role whether the compulsory insurance is unavoidable or indispensable.