Mandy Balthasar M.Sc.

Mandy Balthasar M.Sc.
INF 2 Institut für Softwaretechnologie
Gebäude 41/400, Zimmer 2411
+49 89 6004 2261

Mandy Balthasar M.Sc.

Mandy Balthasar works as a researcher and lecturer at Universität der Bundeswehr München, at Institute for Software Technology, and is also PhD student at University of Passau, at Chair of Computer Science, with a focus on Distributed Information Systems.
Her research, focuses on understanding and designing mechanisms for collective decision making and collective behavior, both in artificial and living collectives.
Previously, as an IT consultant, she has worked on projects in management, human-computer interaction and software engineering in the field of IT and information security.
She laid the foundations for this by training in civil and criminal law, a degree in the judiciary of the state of Baden-Württemberg, a Bachelor of Science in Information Management, and a Master of Science in Computer Science.
She is also a lecturer at various universities in the German-speaking world, as well as for Springer Nature Campus.
For several years she has been on the road as deputy head of the working group for Usable Security & Privacy of German UPA and is involved in numerous national and international technology associations, such as ACMGI or FIfF and others.
This results in a special focus of her engagement on the human-centered areas of information technology: security, society and ethics. In addition, she is studying ethics at Munich School of Philosophy in the master’s degree program.


SNC Content Management Systems  
FHK Fundamentals of the Digital Economy  
FHK Information Management & Content Management Systems  
FHS Information and Knowledge Management  
UniBw Introduction to Database Systems  
UniBw Programming Project  
FHK Web Business  
SNC Web Business  
UP Web Engineering  
FHK Web Security  

Scientific work



Worldwide network of high-tech beehives

The we4bee project, sponsored by the Audi Foundation for the Environment, will start in 2019 with the provision of 100 high-tech beehives (primarily in Germany) and the establishment of a worldwide network for data collection and analysis.
we4bee would like to give pupils and teachers an exciting and practical lesson that is associated with technology and at the same time increases the knowledge about the honey bee and its importance for our ecosystem. As part of a large network, schools and beekeepers can make an important contribution to the scientific analysis of the condition of a bee colony as an indicator of an environment worth living in by collecting relevant data. Users can view the collected and processed data graphically via the project website or a MobileApp. In addition, the students/users/participants are offered an insight into the fascinating world of embedded computer and high-tech environmental sensors. All collected data will of course be processed and made available to the general public for further use.


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