U.M. Borghoff , Meylan, France
R. Pareschi , Cernusco, Italy(Eds.)

Information Technology for Knowledge Management


The value of an organization is given not just by its tangible assets but also by the knowledge embodied in its employees and in its internal and external structures. While explicit knowledge can be shared as information and is easy to handle, this tacit knowledge has been neglected by effectiveness-oriented management techniques but is crucial for both the operational efficiency and the core competencies of an organization. This book provides a survey of the use of information technology for knowledge management, and its chapters present specific research on how technologies such as computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), workflow, and groupware can support the creation and sharing of knowledge in organizations.

Keywords: Knowledge, Knowledge Work, Corporate Memories, Community Ware
Fields: Management of Computing and Information Systems; Computers and Society; Group and Organization Interfaces
Written for: Managers, scientists, and information specialists

1998 . XI, 232 pp. 59 figs.
ISBN 3-540-63764-8
Book category: Professional Book
Publication language English