Auswahl an Forschungsthemen

  • Tribologische Effekte bei großen Deformationen
  • 3D-Reibungsmodelle (Coulomb, etc.)
  • 3D-Abriebsmodelle  (Archard, etc.)
  • Variationall konsistente Formulierungen
  • Modellierung thermomechanischer Kontakte
  • Elastohydrodynamik (EHD-Theorie)
  • Adhäsionsbehafteter Kontakt
  • Allgemeine nichtlineare Interface-Stoffgesetze
  • Multihpysics-Kopplung an Interfaces u.v.m.


Ansprechpartner am IMCS


Drei Schlüsselpublikation

  • Seitz, A., Wall, W.A., Popp, A. (2018): A computational approach for thermo-elasto-plastic frictional contact based on a monolithic formulation employing non-smooth nonlinear complementarity functions, Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, 5:5, DOI (Open Access) doi.png
  • Farah, P., Wall, W.A., Popp, A. (2017): An implicit finite wear contact formulation based on dual mortar methods, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 111:325-353
  • Seitz, A., Popp, A., Wall, W.A. (2015): A semi-smooth Newton method for orthotropic plasticity and frictional contact at finite strains, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 285:228-254