Martin Gottlieb-Schaflechner M.Sc.

INF 4 Institut für Angewandte Informatik
Gebäude 41/500, Zimmer 2506
+49 89 6004 4947

Martin Gottlieb-Schaflechner M.Sc.

Educational Background:

  • PGCert in Research Methods (University of Gloucestershire)
  • MBA Engineering Management (Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt)
  • M.Sc. Technology Management and Business Computer Sciences (Bundeswehr University Munich)
  • B.Sc. Business Computer Sciences (Bundeswehr University Munich)

Professional Experience:

  • Department Officer Enterprise Architecture and Digital Management (Bundeswehr Medical Command, Koblenz)
  • Team Lead Enterprise Architecture for the Medical Branch (Bundeswehr Medical Academy, Munich)
  • IT Officer and Military Subject Teacher (Bundeswehr Medical Academy, Munich)

Research & Professional Interests

  • Model-based engineering approaches in healthcare
  • Application design and tool support for the energy and mobility sector
  • Quality management based on frameworks and best practices.


  • Gottlieb-Schaflechner, Martin; Breitschwerdt, Rüdiger; Wynn, Martin (2021): Towards a new digital platform model for information systems integration in the German healthcare industry. Wissenschaftsforum 2021, Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt.
  • Gottlieb-Schaflechner, Martin; Gottlieb, Matthias; Hagel, Harald (2019): Towards a Scenario-Based Approach for an Electronic Driving Management System Architecture: A Case Study. Proceedings of the ForenSecure: Cybersecurity and Forensics Conference, Chicago.