Research Focus: ELIN – Electromobility and Computer Science (ELektromobilität und INformatik)



The future belongs to electromobility. In 2020, one million electric vehicles are expected to be circulating on German roads. A new manifestation of electromobility has thus already begun, and computer science and business IT systems play an important role therein.

A key position in all this falls to integrated applications. Only with them, efficient energy management or "intelligent power management" and thus, load management will be possible.

The combination of "smart metering, smart grid and electromobility" will present complex challenges to contractors, infrastructure suppliers, transmission system operators and energy suppliers.

Underlying this path are knowledge-intensive business processes that are based on value chains. The knowledge inherent in these processes is a central component of the model-based software life cycle "Integrated Applications for Electromobility". This research area makes this specific knowledge available for control center software design for software development projects.


Object of Research

The research focus ELIN is to help initiate pilot projects along the three phases domain mapping, prototype design and product design in order to monitor the path from the technical concept through possible prototypes to the product. The "semantic keyword cloud" with the focus on control center software requirements for electromobility represents the starting point. ELIN deals with the related scientific questions while requirements relevant for the practice allow the company-specific verification of the research approach.