Prof. Dr. Philipp Rauschnabel

has held the professorship in Digital Marketing and Media Innovation in the Department of Business Administration since September 1, 2018. In his research and teaching, Prof. Rauschnabel focuses on technological and media innovations in digital marketing and related areas.

Of major interest to him are the positive and negative implications of these developments for companies, consumers and societies. Before his appointment to the Universität der Bundeswehr München, Philipp Rauschnabel held a professorship at the Dearborn Campus of the University of Michigan (USA) and at the University of Darmstadt. After graduation in business, he obtained his doctorate at the University of Bamberg also consulted companies from various sectors in overcoming practical management problems.

Philipp Rauschnabel is the author of numerous articles in technical journals, books and conference volumes. In a recent study, he and his co-authors show for example why people value the privacy of others higher than their own privacy when using AR smart glasses (e.g. Google Glass). The professor’s teaching and research work has earned several international awards, for example from the Marketing Management Association (MMA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In his teaching and research at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, he intends to address the fields of xReality (i.e. augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality), wearable technologies and social media.

Department of Business Administration