Prof. Dr. Martin Werner

has been a Junior Professor of Geoinformatics at the Department of Computer Science since September 2019. He examines the question of how to efficiently analyze spatial and temporal information.

The processing of spatial and temporal information currently experiences a radical change: More and more high-resolution satellite images can be combined with increasingly complex site- and time-specific information from man and machine to extract both rough and highly resolved geodata. The challenge is how to merge data of varying quality and modality and how to efficiently process mass geodata in general. Capabilities to interact with geodata are indispensable prerequisites for multimodal mobility, for sustainable urbanization, for understanding transport systems, for autonomous driving, for future logistics, and for innovative services that make the lives of individuals safer and more efficient.

After studying mathematics, Prof. Werner obtained his PhD in the field of indoor navigation. After attaining his doctorate, he stayed for several years at the Ludwig Maximilian University, published a well-received textbook on indoor positioning and navigation and examined the algorithms of motion data and the relationship of motion data and map information in complex environments. Furthermore, he held a professorship at the University of Hanover, and worked on issues of Social Media Mining at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) before he was appointed to the Universität der Bundeswehr München.

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