Owner of the chair

Secretary office

Adolina Lindner

Adolina Lindner

Gebäude 36, Zimmer 2250
+49 89 6004-4235

Research Assistant

Sean Wiesinger M.A.

Sean Wiesinger M.A.

Research Assistant
Gebäude 36, Zimmer 2235
+49 89 6004-4232

Student assistants

Philipp Lagraf

Email: philipp.lagraf@unibw.de

Beatrice Schaupner, B.Sc.

Email: beatrice.schaupner@unibw.de

Natalie Schmoll, B.Sc.

Email: natalie.schmoll@unibw.de

External doctoral candidates

Dipl.-Kfm. Lothar Weiß

Email: lothar.weiss@unibw.de

Fields of interest:

- Risk management

- Capital structure

- Company valuation

Markus Müller, M.Sc.

Email: markus.mueller@unibw.de

Fields of Interest:

- Company valuation

- Capital market research

- Value based management

Daniel Gradl, MBA

Mr. Gradl is an external doctoral candidate at the Chair of Corporate Finance & Financial Services.

Alexander Fischer, M.Sc.

He is a former staff member of the Chair of Corporate Finance and Financial Services and is working on his Phd-thesis.