Following her training to become a physiotherapist at the University Hospital of Göttingen, a Bobath therapist training in London as well as several years of employment, Ms Klement studied sociology, law and economic sciences at the University of Bremen. In 1996, she was awarded an Erasmus Scholarship and started to study sociology and women studies at the University of Helsinki and the Christina Institute for Women Studies. Once she graduated, she worked as a research associate from 1999 to 2000 on the issue of “Erwerbsarbeit, bürgerschaftliches Engagement und Eigenarbeit. Auf dem Weg in eine neue Arbeitsgesellschaft?” (“Gainful employment, civic engagement, and do-it-yourself work. Towards a new working society?”) as part of the collaborative research center 536 “Reflexive Modernisierung”. In 2000, she joined the Department of Social Sciences and Public Affairs at the Bundeswehr University Munich. In 2005, she received her PhD for her doctoral thesis on the subject “Von der Laienarbeit zur Profession? Zum Handeln und Selbstverständnis beruflicher Akteure in der ambulanten Altenpflege“ (“From a Layman’s Work to a Profession? On the Activities and Self-Concept of Actors Employed in Outpatient Elderly Care”). In the following years, she established the Empirical Methods and Statistics Division which she heads since 2008. The focus of her work is on the sociological perspective on social inequality, social policy issues and empirical methods.