The Web Science and Digitalizierung  Group  strives for practically relevant and theoretically sound contributions to the field at the intersection between Computer Science, Business Management, and Microeconomics. In our work, we utilize a broad range of methods, ranging from the design of innovative hard- and software in our MakerLab through data analysis and simulation with modern data science workflows on the basis of the Python programming language (with Anaconda, Jupyter Notebooks, and GitHub).

Our research topics regularly combine technical aspects of Computer Science with organizational and societal aspects as well as economic effects of the use and diffusion of technology.

We aim to produce both solid scientific publications addressing fundamental problems as well as usable implementations in the form of open-source software and open hardware.

Research Topics

Our interests are mainly in the following fields of research:

Web Science, in particular

  • architectural aspects of the World Wide Web,
  • microeconomic dimensions of coordination and exchange of goods via the WWW, and
  • identity, privacy, and security.


Data Science and Big Data, in particular

  • shared data structures in vastly distributed environments, and Web ontologies;
  • Semantic Web and Linked Open Data, and
  • data marketing.


Internet of Things (IoT), in particular 

  • architecture, diffusion, maintenance, and billing mechanisms in respective ecosystems, and
  • the development of innovative devices and components in our MakerLab. 


Digital Business, in particular

  • information management in value chains,
  • product data management,
  • product classification, and
  • data and information quality.