Construction materials science is an essential basic subject in the building industry. In order to use construction materials correctly, it is necessary to have a sound knowledge of their chemical, physical and mechanical properties. Errors in the selection, application and processing of construction materials often lead to deterioration and building damage in practice. Construction materials science deals with experimental research into the behavior of construction materials as well as with the development of realistic formulations for material laws. Our institute researches, develops, tests and teaches in this field.

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Construction chemistry, construction materials, equipment engineering internship, geology, construction damage, building materials from recycled and by-products, environmental sciences and monitoring methods.


Research is currently focused on concrete and mineral binders. Investigations are carried out on calcined clays as supplementary cementitious binder, lightweight, high performance, fiber- and self-compacting concrete and impact-resistance of construction materials. The laboratory work also focuses on wet chemical analysis, determination of material properties (XRD, FTIR), microscopy, environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM), computer tomography (µCT), sample preparation and testing.

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Universität der Bundeswehr München
Institute for Construction Materials
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Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl-Christian Thienel
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