Due to the expansion of the construction industry's field of activity from production to service provider, the interdisciplinary management of all project participants is in demand, who can identify the technical, business and contractual issues and, possibly with the help of experts, optimize the entire lifecycle of an object. Particular importance is attached to creative diversity in the application of technology, including the selection of construction methods, material-specific use of materials or mechanization, in times of declining qualifications of contractors and increased subcontracting.

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In addition to the classic tasks of work planning, costing, scheduling and capacity planning, construction methods and machine technology, the business, financial, construction law and construction contract law issues within construction management will be addressed more intensively and demonstrated in the subject of underground construction/tunnel construction.


Development of a knowledge management system as the basis for operationally optimized object creation; analysis of the economic efficiency and timing of investments in existing buildings; development of a simulation of processes in the lifecycle of a project for the virtual recording of influences and their consideration in planning and execution; risk assessment and handling of the entrepreneur as a bidder, advisor to companies on the establishment of organizational controlling procedures; consulting, analysis and development of systems for the self-employment/privatization of construction administrations; optimization of construction projects e. g. the segmental lining of tunnels in the rock.

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