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Open Positions

Open Positions

We are a young team of researchers with backgrounds in information systems, conceptual modeling, economics, computer science, and related disciplines. Our main goals is to find practically relevant and scientifically significant results that help coordinate human activity over the Web.

If you have a deep interest in driving forward the World Wide Web both as a technology and tool and as a social environment, we would be happy hear from you. Ideally, you would spend some time as an intern in our group, e.g. as part of a master thesis project, and continue as a PhD researcher. We also regularly host visiting scholars from other institutions to work with us.


Joining our group for an internship is the best way to get to know each other, and if you are working on Semantic Web, Web Science, or E-Business topics in your master thesis project, we can offer you a stimulating environment of researchers working in that field.
The ideal duration for an internship is 8-12 weeks, and the best time is from January through June.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail to mhepp@computer.org, using "Application for Internship" as the subject header. Please attach a CV and a description of your research interests, ideally manifested in the form of previous projects.

Regular Positions

We are continuously looking for passionate individuals with a master’s degree in Information Systems, Business Management, or Computer Science, who are interested in joining our team for pursuing PhD research.

We offer...

  • a stimulating research environment with people who are working on leading edge problems of the future World Wide Web and novel E-Business scenarios,
  • a „small think-tank“ atmosphere, in which experienced seniors are still deeply involved in actual research instead of mostly running for grant money and managing others,
  • excellent ties to the international research community,
  • guidance on how to publish your best findings in top-notch conferences and leading peer-reviewed journals (see here for a track record ;-) ), and last but not least
  • the supervision and continuous, timely feedback that you need to achieve great results and complete your PhD in a 3 – 3.5 years time-frame.

We expect...

  • a sincere interest in the technical, social or economic aspects of the World Wide Web, ideally related to E-Business,
  • the willingness to contribute the „99% perspiration“ (T.A. Edison) that is needed to carry a great idea forward until it yields a validated result: a prototype, a statistically significant improvement, or similar;
  • excellent English skills in speaking and writing, and
  • a master’s degree or equivalent in business management, computer science, information systems, economics, or a related subject.

A plus would be any of the following skills:

  • Conceptual modeling skills (in particular in UML, ER, ORM, or BPMN)
  • Good knowledge of the current WWW technology stack (Web architecture, XML and related technologies, Web protocols, etc.)
  • Previous experiences with ontologies and semantic systems research, e.g. languages, tools, APIs, or methodologies
  • Programming skills in Java and/or Python, ideally with RDF APIs
  • Economics
  • Statistics

We very much appreciate if you develop prototypes or supervise the development of prototypes of your work, unless that is not applicable to your type of research question.

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