Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller


150 hours; Contact hours: 24h; Self-study: 126 hours 

Recommended prerequisites:

The module requires basic knowledge of business and economics, as it is usually acquired in a Bachelor's program with a business or economics major.

This seminar is not offered on a regular basis. Please get in touch with the lecturer if you need to participate in this seminar.


In this module, students are familiarized with the specifications of an interdisciplinary, scientific research project. The topic of the research project is determined by the project leader and will be related to Strategic Management. The students acquire relevant knowledge for structuring, processing and answering a research question.
The results of the project are documented in a written seminar paper and presented in an appropriate form.

Learning objectives:

In this module, students acquire the competence to comprehensively understand a pre-defined research area in Strategic Management and to apply learned knowledge (e.g. methods, theories) in a problem-oriented manner in a research project.
The students acquire competencies in the area of scientific work, project management and teamwork. They are able to evaluate findings from different disciplines for their work and to adopt perspectives that go beyond their own area of expertise.

Proof of performance:

Grading is based on a written seminar paper and a presentation.


  • Will be announced at the beginning of the course.