Research and Innovation

The Universität der Bundeswehr München is a young and modern campus university. Its prime location in one of Germany’s most innovative regions, its relatively small size and its technological resources ensure ideal conditions for excellent and sustainable research on an international level. Of course, the matter of work-life balance is of high importance too.

The Universität der Bundeswehr München has a special profile. It offers not only engineering and natural sciences, but also social and economic sciences and the humanities, allowing the departments of the University to perform in-depth research into a wide range of subjects that are of great social relevance. The University also comprises an integrated University of Applied Sciences. It thus offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for scientific work and cooperation, ranging from basic research to applied research and development projects.

Since its foundation, the University has become one of the most renowned institutions for questions of security in engineering and society. It drives innovation and represents an important factor for regional development.


Vice President Research Officer Daniela Lambertz Vice President Research Officer Daniela Lambertz


  • 1: Vice President
  • 2: Research Officer Daniela Lambertz