Technical Staff

Former Staff

Research Staff

Dr.-Ing. Changsong Xie

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Sebald


PhD Students

Dr.-Ing. Nora Kraska
Topic: Data Detection for MIMO OFDM Systems with Reduced Complexity in a Frequency Selective Environment, 2017

Dr.-Ing. Christian Hofmann
Topic: Measurement and Modeling of the MIMO Channel with a Focus on Line-of-Sight, 2016

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schmidt
Topic: Signalverarbeitung für leistungsfähige Empfänger in optischen Zugangsnetzen, 2014

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Hauske
Topic: The Importance of Digital Signal Processing in High Speed Optical Receivers - Equalization, Impairment Compensation and Performance Monitoring, 2013

Dr.-Ing. Kittipong Piyawanno
Topic: Carrier Synchronization in High Bit-Rate Optical Transmission Systems, 2012

Dr.-Ing. Maxim Kuschnerov
Topic: Signal Processing for Coherent Optic Receivers, 2011

Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Chouayakh
Topic: Wireless Indoor MIMO-Systems: Theoretical Concept and Practical Implementation with Focus on Low-Effort Data Detection, 2009

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Knopp
Topic: Bandbreiteneffizienz von MIMO Funkkanälen in Innenräumen, 2008

Dr.-Ing. Georg Wütschner
Topic: Robuste Trägerphasensynchronisation für stark gestörte QAM-Signale, 2005


Technical Staff

Karl-Heinz Schlücker

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Karl Heinrich Besthorn

Renate Rummel

Harry Marschall
died on Nov, 14 2009