Bharath Tati M.Sc.

Bharath Tati M.Sc.
INF 3 Institut für Technische Informatik
Gebäude 41/500, Zimmer 1509
+49 89 6004-3099

Bharath Tati M.Sc.

 Research and Development Engineer at CODE, earlier worked as Computer Scientist at ITIS GmBH.

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   PGP Key: 0x4009cadd

  Research Interests

  • Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems
  • IoT Security and Threat Modeling
  • Formal Methods and Verification
  • Software Engineering


  • Quantitative Models in Spring'18
  • Quantitative Models in Spring'17
  • Design and Analysis of Computer Systems in Winter'17
  • Quantitative Models in Spring'16
  • Design and Analysis of Computer Systems in Winter'16
  • Quantitative Models in Spring'15
  • Design and Analysis of Computer Systems in Winter'15
  • Quantitative Models in Spring'14
  • Design and Analysis of Computer Systems in Winter'14


  Current Projects

  • ROSSR (Repair of Stochastic Systems with Rate reduction)
  • Model Repair and Controller Synthesis of probabilistic models


  Previous Projects

  • Operation research, Modeling and Simulation at ITIS