Modelling of a thermal/energy management system of a generic hybrid turbofan with the aim of increasing the overall efficiency

23 Dezember 2022


At the Institute of Jet Propulsion (IJP) of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich (UniBwM), novel concepts for energy utilisation and efficient design of the thermal and energy management of the overall propulsion system are being investigated. Future aircraft engine concepts more and more include hybrid electric components and/or additional subsystems (e.g. radar, jammers and related electronic warfare equipment). Within these subsystems a significant amount of electrical energy is dissipated into thermal energy which needs to be removed in order to conserve the electrical components and maintain a constant performance.

Therefore, the central aim of this project is to understand the interconnection between the engine’s ability to provide thrust, power and cooling in combination with different power settings or external subsystem influences. Therefore in this work, a model-based system shall be created with which the energy flows within an engine as well as the additional components can be modelled. Hereby, the identification of potential heat sources (electrical components, exhaust gas, etc. ) as well as heat sinks (bypass airflow, combustion chamber, etc.) and their analytical relation is of particular interest.


  • Literature study in the field of model-based simulation environments and potential heat/energy sources and sinks in a modern (military) jet propulsion system
  • Set up of analytical relationships between the beforehand defined heat/energy sources and sinks
  • Implementation of these relationships within a suitable simulation environment
  • Parametric variation of relevant variables and components in order to gain an understanding of promising combinations


Supervisor: Nils Schwagerus

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