Kursangebot Englisch Sommer 2017





Compact Course: Advanced English Grammar and Translation Strategies 1 (German/English)

This is an intensive two-week grammar course that covers proficiency level grammar elements, including adverbials, linking (result, cause; purpose; concession) particular uses of auxiliary verbs, reported speech, and sentence construction patterns.  A new element of the course adds some translation strategies, which facilitate being able to move back and forth between English and German when dealing with particular structures, e.g.,  "inverse translation", deictic structures, cleft sentences, German sentences with a no noun subject or with a prominent "Es" structure, and causal/conditional/concessive subordinate clauses.

Requirements: Participants should have a solid knowledge of B2-C1 grammar (NATO 4) and be prepared to do extensive homework for this compact course.

Termin: 17.07. - 28.07.17

Kursdauer: 2 Wochen, jeweils Mo, Di, Do, Fr Vormittag

Unterrichtsumfang: Mo, Di, Do 4x45 Min., Fr 3x45 Min.
                                = Gesamt 30 UE

Uhrzeit: Mo, Di, Do  9:00 – 12:15 Uhr, Fr 9:00 – 11:30 Uhr

Gesamtkosten des Kurses: 940,- € - dieser Betrag wird entsprechend der Teilnehmerzahl aufgeteilt, d.h. z.B. bei mind. 4 Teilnehmern beträgt die Gebühr pro Kopf 235,- €.

Mindestteilnehmerzahl: 4         

Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 8

Victoria Baehren



Compact Course: English Pronunciation for Asian Speakers

Asian students who have attained the level of B1, B2, or even C1 in English grammar often continue to have serious problems making themselves understood when they speak.

This intensive, practical one-week course aims at helping Asian students improve their English pronunciation.

The course will cover specific problems within individual words, e.g., the "th" in words like thin or truth and the "th" in then or writhe, the  "l" and the "r" in words like clown or crown, or the "-ough" in rough, cough, bough.

Pronunciation problems often have to do with aspects like consonant clusters, differences between initial and final consonants, and vowel reduction as well as the schwa.  There are also challenges with larger units than individual words - phrases, clauses, entire sentences - where the elements of connected speech, pitch and stress, rhythm, and using intonation for meaning become important. 

Participants will be given camera feedback at the beginning and at the end of the week so they can track their own progress.

Course Duration: 1 Week, daily Monday thru Friday

Number of Lessons 4x45 minutes daily = in total 20 Units

Time: 1:30 – 4:45 p.m.

Starting Dates:  We can offer four different dates to choose from. Only at one of these dates will the class take place. Once registration closes (June 30) we will determine the one single date at which the majority of people can attend the class.

Please go to the Doodle list linked below, enter your full name and select every starting date, at which you could attend the full week of classes. https://doodle.com/poll/7hssna8ezbxfuqf3

The following starting dates can be chosen from: 17.07.17, 31.07.17, 07.08.17, and 21.08.17

In addition to the Doodle list, please also sign up for this class in ILIAS to complete registration.

Total Cost of the Course: 625,-€; This amount will be split evenly among the participants, e.g. for 3 students it will be 209,- € per person.

Minimum Number of Participants: 3   

Maximum Number of Participants: 8