Dr. Sarah Lohmann - CV

Dr. Sarah Lohmann
Research Associate and Lecturer
Faculty of Social Sciences/Department of Political Science/Institute of International Politics

Key research areas include:
Human Rights
Post-9/11 Detainee Policy
International Security Studies
Security Foresight Methods

Field of action at Bundeswehr University Munich from April 2009 - Summer 2015: 

- Lead research team engaged in creating foresight tools, including early warning systems for security risks such as civil war, adverse regime change, and state failure. Africa was the focus of several models analyzing factors such as ethnic, political and economic development and conflicts. Develop a risk management model to address the Ebola crisis in Africa (2012-2014). 

- Taught master’s and bachelor’s courses in International Human Rights, Comparative Politics, and Political Science and Theory. Developed curriculum for courses in Comparative Politics (Democracies vs. Dictatorships), Detainee Policy After 9/11, Model United Nations: Three Generations of Human Rights, and U.S. Foreign Policy. (2010-present). 

Wrote dissertation on post-9/11 detainee policy (2009-2013).