Lore Hoffmann, Andreas Krapp, K. Ann Renninger,
and Jürgen Baumert (Eds.)

Interest and Learning
Proceedings of the Seeon Conference
on Interest and Gender

Kiel, IPN, 1998. 427 S. 
ISBN 3-89088-131-9 
32,- DM 

The First International Conference on Interest Research took place at the Institute for Science Education (IPN) in Kiel, Germany in 1984 (Lehrke, M., Hoffmann, L., & Gardner, P.L. (Eds.), 1985). It focused on students' interest in science and technology education. The relation between interest and gender was chosen as the theme of the second conference.

These Proceedings consist of papers presented at the Second International Conference on Interest held at Seeon Lake, Germany, in June of 1996. The conference was organized to facilitate discussions about: (1) the development, differentiation, and change of interest(s) with age, (2) gender-specific differences in interest(s) and their impact on development, and (3) the role of interest as a condition and result of formal learning, including both school and vocational training. 


  1. Introduction
  • Interest and Gender: Issues of Development and Learning

  • K. Ann Renninger, Lore Hoffmann, and Andreas Krapp
  • General Topics in the Study of Interest
    • Development of Interests

    • Eberhard Todt and Susanne Schreiber
    • The Development of Males' and Females' Interests in Science and Technology

    • Paul L. Gardner
    • Interest, Gender and Personal Narrative: How Children Construct Self-Understanding

    • Robyn Fivush
    • Situational Interest and Learning

    • Suzanne Hidi and Dagmar Bemdorff
    • Individual Interest and Learning - What We Know and What We Don't Know

    • Ulricb Schiefele
    • The Development of Self-Concept and Interests

    • Bettina Hannover
    • Theory of Interest and Research on Motivation to Learn

    • Falko Rheinberg
    • The Relation of Interest to Motivation and Human Needs - The Self-Determination Theory Viewpoint

    • Edward Deci
  • Presentations Specific to the Development of Preschool and Elementary School Children
    • The Roles of Individual Interest(s) and Gender in Learning:

    • An "Overview-of-Research on Preschool and Elementary School-Aged Children/Students
      K. Ann Renninger
    • Interest of Girls and Boys in Elementary School

    • Maria Fölling-Albers and Andreas Hartinger
    • Environments that Support Meaningful Learning

    • Susan R. Goldman, Cynthia Mayfield-Stewart, Helene V. Bateman, James W. Pellegrino, and the Cognition and Technology Group at Vanderbilt
    • Educational Television's Impact on Individual and Situational Interest: A Review of Research at the Children's Television Workshop

    • William Votive and Shalom M. Fisch
    • The Impact of CRO on Children's Interest in and Comprehension of Science and Technology

    • Anne Fay
    • The Role of Gender, Instruction and a Cooperative Learning Technique in Science Education Across Formal and Informal Settings

    • Suzanne Hidi, Joel Weiss, Dagmar Bemdorff, and Jason Nolan
    • What are the Roles of Individual Interest, Task Difficulty, and Gender in Student Comprehension?

    • K. Ann Renninger
  • Presentations Specific to the Development of Secondary Level I (Middle School and High School Through 10th Grade) Students
    • Interest Research in Secondary Level I: An Overview

    • Jürgen Baumert and Olaf Köller
    • Interest in Learning and the Disposition of Curiosity in Secondary Students: Investigating Process and Context

    • Mary Ainley
    • An Expectancy-Value Model of Achievement Choices: The Role of Ability Self-Concepts, Perceived Task Utility and Interest in Predicting Activity Choice and Course Enrollment

    • Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Bonnie L. Barber, Kim Updegraff, and Kathryn M. O'Brien
    • Qualitative Differences in Students' Interest in Physics and the Dependence on Gender and Age

    • Peter Häussler and Lore Hoffmann
    • Schooling for Lifelong Attention to Chemistry Issues: The Role of Interest and Achievement

    • Wolfgang Gräber
    • An Intervention Project Promoting Girls' and Boys' Interest in Physics

    • Lore Hoffmann and Peter Haeussler
    • Different Aspects of Learning Motivation: The Impact of Interest and Goal Orientation on Scholastic Learning

    • Olaf Köller
    • Learning Math in School: Does Interest Really Matter?

    • Jürgen Baumert, Kai Schnabel, and Manfred Lehrke
    • The Differential Impact of Task Value and Mastery Orientation on Males' and Females' Self-Regulated Learning Paul Pintrich, Allison M. Ryan, and Helen Patrick
  • Presentations Specific to the Development of Secondary Level II (11th and 12th Grade and Post Secondary) Students
    • Interest Research Concerning the Upper Secondary Level, College, and Vocational Education: An Overview

    • Manfred Prenzel
    • Undivided and Abiding Interest: Comparisons Across Studies of Talented Adolescents and Creative Adults

    • Kevin Rathunde
    • Cognitive Orientation and Interest: The Motivational Understructure for Achievement in Mathematics

    • Shulamith Kreitler and Shiri Nussbaum
    • Individual Interest in Mathematics and Female Gender Identity: Biographical Case Studies

    • Kristin Gisbert
    • Interest, Gender, and Literacy Development in Successful Dyslexics

    • Rosalie P. Fink
    • Components of Intra-Individual Interest in Vocational Education Subjects: Some Australian Data

    • James Athanasou
    • Changes of Interests in Academic and Vocational Learning

    • Peter Nenniger
    • Changes in Learning Motivation and Interest in Vocational Education: Halfway Through the Study

    • Man/red Prenzel, Klaudia Kramer, and Barbara Drecbsel
    • The Development of Interest and Motivational Orientations: Gender Differences in Vocational Education

    • Klaus-Peter Wild, Andreas Krapp, Inge Schreyer, and Doris Lewalter
  • Future Directions
    • Some Thoughts About the Development of a Unifying Framework for the Study of Individual Interest

    • Andreas Krapp, K. Ann Renninger, and Lore Hoffmann
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