Brief c.v.

Prof. Bardo Fassbender

Brief curriculum vitae

fbBardo Fassbender was born in Koenigswinter on the Rhine. He studied law, history and political science at the University of Bonn and the Yale Law School. Master of Law (LL.M.) 1992 (Yale Law School), Doctor iuris 1997, Habilitation 2004 (both at Humboldt University Berlin). Research assistant at the Institute of German Legal History, University of Bonn (1989-91); Ford Foundation Senior Fellow in Public International Law, Yale University (1992-93); Lecturer (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), Institute of International and European Law, Humboldt University (1995-98); Assistant Professor of Law (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent), Humboldt University (1998-2004); Associate Professor of Law (Privatdozent), Humboldt University (2004-08). Jean Monnet Fellow, European University Institute, Florence (2000-01); Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) in public international law, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (2002-03), and Viadrina University, Frankfurt/Oder (2004); Professor of Law (Lehrstuhlvertreter) at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (2006-07) and the University of the Bundeswehr Munich (2007-08). Since August 2008, Bardo Fassbender is Professor of International Law at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. Since the fall of 2009, he is also Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of that university.

Since 1985 many publications in the fields of public international law and constitutional law, e.g., UN Security Council and the Right of Veto: A Constitutional Perspective (The Hague/London/Boston, 1998), »The United Nations Charter as Constitution of the International Community« (Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 1998), Der offene Bundesstaat. Studien zur auswärtigen Gewalt und zur  Völkerrechtssubjektivität  bundesstaatlicher Teilstaaten in Europa [The Federal State as an Open System: The Foreign Relations Powers and the International Legal Personality of States Members of Federal States in Europe] (Tübingen, 2007), and, most recently, The United Nations Charter as the Constitution of the International Community (Leiden/Boston, 2009).

Bardo Fassbender is co-editor of the series Studien zur Geschichte des Völkerrechts [Studies in the history of international law] founded by Michael Stolleis.