GNU Pascal

GNU Pascal Compiler

Stand: 25.07.2005 Sm
  • Version 2.1


gpc ist der GNU Pascal Compiler. Er setzt auf dem GNU C Compiler gcc Version 2.9.5 auf.


  • ws-pool
  • origin
  • gpc ist Public Domain Software. Die neueste Version gibt es hier.


  • % gpc --automake --big-endian [ options ] <filename>.pas


  • GNU Pascal Manual
  • WWW home site of GNU Pascal
  • GPC Manual Demo Programs
    These GPC demo programs are part of the GPC Manual. When you read the GPC Manual, and come across the demo programs printed in it, you do not have to type them in, but you will find them here, ready to be compiled. Most of the programs do not serve any useful purpose by themselves, they are just short examples of using certain GPC features.
  • GPC Demo Programs
    These are demo programs for some of GPC's interesting features. Some of them serve a useful purpose, and can be used as the basis for your own programs. Others are just demos of concepts. If you like to find out more about the features, please look into the GPC Manual.

Stand: 25.07.2005 Sm


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