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The videos on this page illustrate many of our research results. Most of them were recorded by members of the laboratory, some are from TV broadcasts.

We have many more videos that we would like to show you, but preparing videos for a Web site takes time. We are working on it, so
please come again in a few days to see more.

Autonomous Road Vehicle videos

Autonomous Road Following (BBC, 1987)

In the mid 1980s a vision-guided autonomous road vehicle, VAMORS, was designed and operated within projects headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.D. Dickmanns and Prof. Dr. V. Graefe. Its vision system, BVV 2, was designed and built by our laboratory. The video, produced by BBC as part of their series "Tomorrow's World" explains some of the technology used in designing the vehicle and its vision system, and it shows how the vehicle runs autonomously in campus roads at 35 km/h and on a freeway at 96 km/h. In its time it was by far the fastest autonomous road vehicle in the world.
Recorded: 1987.
Duration: 4:46 min.
MPEG-1  50 MB;

Calibration-Free Robot

Object Grasping

The robot grasps a variety of unknown objects. To demonstrate its robustness the orientation, and hen also the location of its camera is arbitrarily modified while the grasping continues.
Recorded: 12/2001.
Duration: 5 min.
MPEG-1  50 MB.

Humanoid Robot HERMES

HERMES - a Versatile Plug-and-Run Service Robot

The robot is introduced into a new - of course unprepared - environment, which is easy and fast. It interacts naturally and intelligently with various persons and performs services for them.
Recorded: 12/2001.
Duration: 13 min.
Description (PDF); MPEG-1 (lower resolution); 36 MBMPEG-1  (higher resolution);135 MB.

HERMES at an Exhibition

The robot demonstrates some of its skills to an international audience and to the German minister of research and technology, Annette Bulmahn, at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn, Germany.
Recorded: 12/2001.
Duration 2 min.
MPEG-1  53 MB.

HERMES - A Humanoid Experimental Robot for Mobile Manipulation and Exploration Services

A quick overview over HERMES' design and some of its early skills. Third prize at ICRA 2001.
Recorded: 11/2000.
Duration 3 min.
Description (PDF); MPEG-1  80 MB.

Bendable Body

A "hip joint" (1 degree of freedom) greatly extends the reach of the robot. Stability is ensured by a low center of gravity, due to heavy batteries in the undercarriage.
Recorded: 12/2000.
Duration 0:47 min.
Description (PDF); MPEG-1  17 MB.

Omnidirectional Undercarriage

HERMES' excellent mobility is demonstrated.
Recorded: 12/2000.
Duration 2 min.
Description (PDF); MPEG-1  37 MB.

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Some HERMES videos in chronological order

Examples of HERMES' capabilities:

All video clips can be provided at much better quality, e.g. for television such as DVCAM or Betacam SP quality video tapes (PAL or NTSC).

Please click on the links below to download or see high-quality videos of HEMES (format MPEG I with 3 MBit/s, files' sizes: 20-100 MByte).

1) First design studies of HERMES (modular design and simulation of a service task):

Video clip 1: H_design.mpg (0:30 minutes, 12564 KBytes, 08/97)
Video clip 2: H_simul.mpg (1:24 minutes, 34832 KBytes, 08/97)

2) Presentation of HERMES (waving right arm to the audience and driving in a circle):

Video clip: H_present.mpg (0:54 minutes, 22775 KBytes, 03/98)

3) HERMES picking up a ball, opening a drawer and putting the ball inside (only controlled, no visual feedback, just to demonstrate manipulation capabilities):

Video clip: H_drawer.mpg (2:11 minutes, 54511 KBytes, 03/98)

4) HERMES driving towards a docking station (table) based on a visual servoing method:

Video clip: H_dock.mpg (2:55 minutes, 72711 KBytes, 08/98)

5) HERMES interacting with a user and filling a glass with a bottle of water (visually supervised):

Video clip: H_glass.mpg (1:10 minutes, 29338 KBytes, 03/99)

6) HERMES grasping various objects and placing them onto a table using its sense of touch:

Video clip: H_place.mpg (1:25 minutes, 35620 KBytes, 06/99)

7) HERMES performing a complex service task upon user request via e-mail (commands are given in natural language, path planning is done in terms of behaviors, visually navigating in a network of corridors, visual obstacle avoidance, passing doors, interacting with a person to receive a tray with a bottle and a glass, driving towards a table; placing the tray onto the table):

Video clip: H_complex.mpg (3:54 minutes, 97009 KBytes, 10/99)

8) HERMES communicating and interacting with a user to perform a service tasks (demonstration of speech recognition capabilities and dialogue skills; receiving a glass, driving towards the left of two tables, placing glass onto the table):

Video clip: H_speech.mpg (2:44 minutes, 68263 KBytes, 10/99)

9) Executive summary of HERMES capabilities in a narrative style with partly accelerated movements:

Video clip: ICRA_2001.mpg (3:14 minutes, 80292 KBytes, 09/00)

10) Improving the Dependability of Humanoids (HERMES at Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum):

Video clip: Humanoids2001_4Mbit.mpg (5:26 minutes, 176988 KBytes, 11/01)
Video clip: Humanoids2001_1Mbit.mpg (5:26 minutes,  55906 KBytes, 11/01)


Some shorter and lower resolution videos

11) HERMES executing a complex pre-programmed motion sequence (duration: 120 s): picking up a ball from a table with its left gripper, handing it over to the right gripper, grasping a drawer and pulling it open with its left gripper, dropping the ball into the drawer, and closing drawer by pushing it.

Video drawer (25 seconds (accelerated movement), MPEG, 3836 KByte)

12) Approaching a table with continuous visual feedback

Video docking (48 Seconds, MPEG, 1459 KByte)

13) Approaching a table, stopping in front of an obstacle, continue docking after features of table are visable again

Video docking with obstacle avoidance (45 seconds, MPEG, 1355 KByte)

14) Bowing

Video bowing (24 seconds, MPEG, 730 KByte)

15) Race of four service robots (at Hannover Fair, April 23, 1998):

start formation (from left to right): HERMES (UniBw), MAid (FAW Ulm), Care-o-bot (IPA Stuttgart), Mortimer (IPR Karlsruhe)
Video 1st Race (MPEG, 1454 KByte)
Video 2nd Race (MPEG, 1561 KByte)

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