Humanoid Service Robot HERMES - Overview

Welcome to the HERMES Project Homepage!

Developing key technologies for future robotic systems, such as service robots and personal robots, is a very challenging task. The humanoid robot HERMES has been built by the Institute of Measurement Science at the Bundeswehr University Munich to demonstrate what can be done with current off-the-shelf and newly developed components and advanced control methods.

As a result HERMES is one of the most advanced robot systems available today, that is able to explore unknown environments, to fulfil transportation and manipulation tasks in spacious human-populated areas, and to interact and communicate even with novice users in a natural and intuitive way.

Please, have a closer look on our research in this area, browse through selected publications, meet the people behind the project, and evaluate yourself HERMES' perfomance by watching some video clips.

Further plans and the project history can be found here as well.


Rainer Bischoff