Human Behaviour in Design

The Special Interest Group Human Behaviour in Design (HBiD) has been formed in order to share information and experience in research and application related to behavioural aspects of designing. The Human Behaviour SIG is starting to investigate new research methods and approaches. The main objective is to strengthen and increase joint research activities within the international community. In recent years methods and techniques, which are developed in behavioural and cognitive science, made an enormous step forward. The SIG HBiD aims to bring researchers together, discuss their research results, share raw data, share experiences about pitfalls and traps, find common interests and challenges with the new research methods and establish collaboration.


Contributions are welcome in German and English. After registration in the conference management system, contributions can be submitted in the form of an extended abstract (3 pages including pictures). Upload your contribution in Word format (*.doc or *.docx) via the conference management system. Your contribution will be submitted anonymously. Please use the format templates below: