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The aim of the University is to prepare our students for their future careers in the German Armed Forces and elsewhere. Students develop their technical knowledge base and skills and are familiarized with the methods relevant to their field of study. The subject matter taught at the Universität der Bundeswehr is unrestricted and based on independent research.

At the moment, around 2,800 students study at the University, supervised by over 300 faculty members. The ratio of students to professors at the University is 18:1, at the College of Applied Sciences it is 12:1 – a teacher-to-student ratio comparable to those found at private universities in the United States. This enables teaching staff to provide their students with intensive academic guidance and supervision and makes it possible to hold seminars and tutorials in small groups.

Teaching is subject to continuous quality control by way of student evaluations. Not only are coursework and lectures evaluated, but also the programs of study themselves, the aim being to sensibly coordinate the various subject areas.

The introduction of new academic programs, such as our e-learning programs, shows that the University views itself as a modern educational institution.  In addition, faculty members are encouraged to participate in the ProfiLehre program developed at the University in order to learn about new teaching methods.

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