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Departments of the FH

Programs of Study in the College of Applied Sciences (FH)

At the Universität der Bundeswehr München, university programs and programs of study in the college of applied sciences (FH) are brought together under one roof. 

The programs of study in the departments of

can be completed within three years. Diligent students have the opportunity to complete modules ahead of schedule; for such students the transition to a master's program occurs in the ninth trimester.  Students can earn a master's degrees within four years of commencing their studies.  Study is divided into theoretical and practical phases, and seminars are practice-oriented.  This enables students to approach problems in a scientific way and to apply these methods in their future careers.  In the practical phases our students take part in internships or traineeships and complete their diploma theses at a company or under the supervision of one of our many research partners.

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