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Modules and Examination System

The bachelor’s and master’s programs are based on modules. A module is an academic unit, fixed on the basis of content and duration, which can include several courses. These academic units must be described (hence the “module handbooks”) and checked (hence the examination system).

ECTS points for a module are distributed according to the “all-or-nothing” principle: full points are awarded for a grade of “4,0” (satisfactory) or better, and no points are awarded for any grade below this, in which case the student must repeat the module.

In contrast to the old examination system used at German universities (which revolved around two crucial examination periods), tests are now administered throughout the bachelor’s and master’s programs. A module examination, the material of which can be taken from one or more courses, always relates to the subject matter presented in that module. A “progress diagram” indicating the number of ECTS points required each quarter enables our students to keep track of their progress.

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