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Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement & Transcript of Records

The Bologna Process has set increased clarity as one of its goals. For one thing, it should be easier for students to tell what kind of knowledge, competencies, and qualifications are involved in their chosen fields of study and what they need to do in order to be awarded a degree. It is also important that third parties (future employers, etc.) be able to identify the students’ areas of concentration and the kinds of skills and knowledge required to receive his or her degree.

To this end, new documents are now being introduced (alongside the traditional university documents such as examination regulations, diplomas, and certifications) that will provide further information and greater clarity.

The Diploma Supplement, which is provided in addition to the student’s diploma, is an essential instrument for describing our graduates’ degrees and corresponding qualifications and for determining their position and educational level among other students and graduates in Europe and beyond. In particular, the Diploma Supplement is designed to foster mobility among our graduates as they enter a job market that is becoming more and more international by the day, by giving potential employers a deeper look into their strengths and areas of concentration.

The Transcript of Records, issued by the Registrar’s Office, provides an official report of all modules completed with a passing grade as well as the number of ECTS points earned for those modules. Insofar as it facilitates transfer of credits, this document is especially useful for those students at the Universität der Bundeswehr who complete a portion of their studies abroad and for visiting students who complete only a portion of their studies here.

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