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The Corporate Design and Web Portal of the Universität der Bundeswehr München

Today, over 30 years after its founding, the Universität der Bundeswehr München is taking measures to modernize its image. A uniform way of presenting ourselves to the outside world helps the University gain recognition and build its reputation as a modern and efficient educational institution. Its new corporate design aids the University in establishing a cleary defined identity and to assert itself amongst the vast array of universities in Germany and abroad. A corporate identity based on standardized and consistently applied design characteristics makes it easier to recognize the University, facilitating adequate representation in the public eye. Each member of the University is expected to contribute to this corporate identity by adhering to standardized templates and certain design guidelines.

  • The new corporate design has been obligatory since the first quarter of 2005. It consists of the basic elements of the logo as well as the typical University typefaces and colors, and its use is recommended for certain items (printed matter, signage, flyers, brochures, etc.).
  • The University’s internal CI team has been cooperating with a professional design agency in developing document templates for the various purposes. These can be downloaded directly from the University’s document management system.

This project is closely connected with the new internet website, which has been in development since late 2005. The website is based on the Plone content management system (CMS). This system makes it possible to easily enter and update web content in several languages. Adding new content does not require the skills involved in creating new websites.


  •  The University’s Web Team has developed various templates for website design that are consistent with the corporate identity.
  • The CMS provides for consistent structure and navigation.
  • The website have been developed in accordance with the Ordinance on Barrier-Free Information Technology (BITV), which became binding for federal authorities in January 2006.  Web pages not meeting these requirements should have been removed from the internet by this deadline.
  • Training seminars and workshops are offered on how to enter content, and training materials are available in the document management system.

The documents management system of the Universität der Bundeswehr München facilitates web-based document management.

  • In the public section, it is possible to read and download documents without user identification.
  • If you would like to set up personal workgroups, a user identification is required. For more information, see the attached PDF document.
  • To open the documents section, click on the “downloads” button at the top of our website, or enter:
  • Training is also available for the documents system.


Please send all enquiries and suggestions to:



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