Dr. Filiberto Ricciardella

Dr. Filiberto Ricciardella
EIT 2 - Institut für Physik
Gebäude 37, Zimmer 0114
+49 (0)89 6004-2284
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Dr. Filiberto Ricciardella



He received his M.Sc. in Physics at University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy) and PhD in Novel Technologies for Materials, Sensors and Imaging at University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) in collaboration with the ENEA Research Center in Portici (Naples, Italy).


During the PhD at ENEA, his scientific activity was focused on graphene synthesis and characterizations aimed at gas sensors fabrication. He prevalently explored Liquid Phase Exfoliation (LPE) and Mechanical Exfoliation as synthesis approaches and got experiences in material characterizations, specializing in Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy.


After his PhD, he moved to Italian Institute of Technology in Genova (Italy) working not only on graphene but also on synthesis of other 2D materials mostly through LPE. He became familiar with photo-spectrophotometric analysis, transmission and scanning electron microscopy.


For the next three years, he worked in the Department of Microelectronics at Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) as a Research Assistant. His activity was in collaboration with ASML aiming at realizing graphene-based MEMS tools of next generation. Also, he specialized in designing and fabrication of MEMS and CMOS microstructures, based on graphene synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition, for gas sensing application. He performed most of the fabrication process in cleanroom (Class 100).


From June 2019, he joined to Universitaet of Bundeswehr as Research Assistant, working on growth of graphene and other 2D materials as well as on gas-sensors based on the 2D materials.