Dr. Hernán Ponce de León

Dr. Hernán Ponce de León
INF 6 Institut für Systemsicherheit
Building Carl-Wery-Str. 22, Room 1725
+49 89 60047334

Dr. Hernán Ponce de León

Research Interest

I work in the intersection of programming languages, security and formal methods. I'm particularly interested in building tools for automatic software verification.

I'm the maintainer and main developer of the Dat3M tool suite, a collection of tools to analyse concurrent programs running on weak memory models such x86-TSO, ARM or the Linux kernel.


I am / have been serving on the program committees of the following conferences and workshops:

OOPSLA 2020: Artifact Evaluation Committee

PLDI 2020: Artifact Evaluation Committee

SVCOMP 2020: Program Committee / Jury

POPL 2020: Artifact Evaluation Committee