CCS 2019 - Over and Out

16 November 2019

Those were some intense final months leading up to CCS 2019 in London, but in the end everything worked out fine and the conference was a big success!

CCS 2019 broke several records, with 0ver 1230 registrations and 16 associated workshops. The main conference had five parallel tracks of top-quality research papers, two fantastic keynotes by Ingrid Verbauwhede and N. Asokan, and an intense panel discussion organized by Adam Doupé, with panelists Somesh Jha, Ninghui Li, and Giovanni Vigna.

There were also plenty of opportunities for networking, from Daphne Yao's SIGSAC women's networking event on Monday, over the poster reception on Tuesday to the conference banquet on Wednesday. From totally non-representative anecdotal evidence, participants also particularly enjoyed the barista coffee and chocolate gnocchi during breaks...

A big thank you to everyone who participated, and especially to those who helped run the show behind the scenes!