International Purchasing Survey II

Welcome to the International Purchasing Survey II


IPS: What is the effect of purchasing on the bottom line?

The view that purchasing is not merely an operative, but rather a strategic function is well established. The purchasing function is therefore not only responsible for price reductions, but is also characterized by an explicit strategic focus that enables corporations to develop long term sustainable competitive advantages. Accordingly it is of the highest interest to determine out how companies define their purchasing strategies, how purchasing activities are carried out, what skills and capabilities are present in purchasing departments and what resulting effects on performance can be witnessed.

Answering this questionnaire will require approximately 40 minutes. Note: Your data will be handled anonymously and no other party will receive access to single answers.

The survey is due to stared on 1st of March 2014 and will be finished end of April 2014.

If you would like to inquire or register for the survey you can contact your local IPS partner institutions.



Who is IPS?

The International Purchasing Survey (IPS) project is a research initiative of academic researchers in Purchasing and Supply Management from 7 different countries. Currently, the following institutes are involved: Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Universität der Bundeswehr München (Germany), Linköpings Universitet and Högskolan i Gävle (Sweden), Aalto University School of Economics (Finland), EADA Business School (Spain), Audencia Nantes (France) and University College Dublin (Ireland)